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Our Story

Adelaide Tennis Academy was started in 2014 by Head Coach and Director Matt Teivans. Matt has combined his national and international experience in various roles, and customised his own programs to meet the local demand of tennis in Adelaide. The entire program and pathway has been established with the clear intent of providing a training experience that is unique, dynamic and effective.

Today the results speak for themselves.

The Adelaide Tennis Academy is now home to over 40 Australian Ranked juniors, many of which are in the top 10 for their age group in the nation. As a result, the academy has been recognised by Tennis Australia for fostering an environment that is conducive to producing top national talent.

What we do?

In consultation with subject matter expert Theo Dalkos, we undertook an in depth analysis into every athlete (and family) that has attended our academy in the last 5 years – the findings revealed far more predictable results than one would think. We discovered that for the most part, tennis families are certain to experience one, two and if not all of the below problems in the pursuit of tennis excellence for their child.

Tennis Resources

Difficulties in pursuing the tennis dream on your own – so the need for top level tennis resources becomes paramount. This occurs through teaching, coaching, mentoring, equipment, facilities, hitting partners and match play opportunities to name a few.

Parent Education

A lack of understanding and uncertainty around the tennis journey and pathway. Tennis is not a “results now” sport, so framing tennis and understanding the sport and the pathway in its entire context is ultra important to a sustainable and enjoyable journey.

Time & Money

Lost time by selecting a more convenient or cost effective option; processing incorrect information and therefore losing precious time ‘un-learning’ and re-learning’; or loading the players schedule with too many private lessons, which are neither time nor cost effective.


How we do it?

We use our very own ATA ‘E’ Method combined with our training infrastructure and experience to alleviate the problems we see over and over again.

Our aim is to first teach tennis in an organised manner, providing what we call a ’tennis education.’ This is based on a system of teaching from the Tennis Academy at Harvard. Once we begin to transfer knowledge we apply a well rounded approach to broaden their tennis IQ by adding 5 supplementary E’s to achieve a holistic and sustainable framework for each athletes developmental readiness; this is designed in a fashion to specifcially guide them on their own unique tennis journey.

Why we do it?

At the Adelaide Tennis Academy we hate seeing kids drop out and quit the game before they even get started. One of the reasons athletes cite burnout, is due to the frustration factor of not improving. Our mission is to truly help kids play what we call ‘great’ tennis. Matt designed this academy with Theo to specifically provide an environment that dictates performance.

The Elite Academy is our way to help kids stay on track, remain focussed and engaged in something meaningful to them.

The end result

A 4 year college tennis scholarship worth between 200 and 500 thousand dollars over 4 years.

The facts are that their is no system, federation or pathway that produces more top 100 ATP and WTA professionals than the College Tennis System.

Consequently their is no better way to start a professional career in any field or area of expertise; 4 years as a student athlete combined with the life skills of living abroad will give you the ability to suceed and ‘GO PRO’ in whatever you choose. Whether it be coaching, becoming a lawyer, staring your own business or playing professional tennis, the college pathway is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences a tennis player can aim for.

We believe that Pro Tennis is the dream and that College Tennis is the Goal. College Tennis is what we call the Prize – and we need to aim high to get there!

Lets hit it!

Join us for an on court assessment and off court consultation. We will help you get the most out of your tennis, design a program that is in line with international standards, and make a U.S college tennis scholarship a reality.

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