What is ATA Mini's?

ATA Mini’s utilises Tennis Australia’s official development program ‘Tennis Hot Shots’.


This program is specifically designed for Children.


Learning is made fun and attainable through lighter racquets, lower compression balls and smaller courts.

What does my Child Learn?

ATA Mini’s provides children with a number of benefits.

Motor Development: Kids learn essential physical skills through throwing, catching, striking, balance, agility and coordination activities.

Technical Tennis Skills: they acquire the skills of a ‘lifetime’ sport through weekly progressive classes. They learn the essential strokes through instruction that is tailored to the demands of
the learner.

Focus and Discipline: Our classes are fun but also require a level of concentration and respect. The coach facilitates a positive learning environment, and each student needs to bring a good attitude so that they can maximise the learning opportunities.

Play the Game: Eventually kids will learn to play matches – They will learn the rules, understand how to score and establish that the goal is to rally. At this point, Tennis becomes Fun!

What's the next progression?

ATA Pathway:
The next progression is our ‘Next Gen’ Green Ball Squad. This is a selection based program. The class length increases and the program requires 2 sessions a week. The students and athletes in this class have decided to take Tennis more seriously and for alot of them, Tennis is now their primary sport of focus.

Our coaches continually conduct in-class tasks and activities thoughout each term of ATA mini’s to help determine if any students are ready to move up to the ‘Next Gen’ Green Ball class.

Private Lessons:
If you feel your child is enjoying the ATA Mini’s class and wants to play more then Private Lessons are an excellent option. Privates help build good technical habits at an early age, which allows kids to truly improve. Privates are only available once kids have been in a Mini’s class and can show that they have a basic skill level and that they can concentrate In a one to one setting.

Who are the Coaches?

Theo Dalkos is the Director of the ATA Mini’s Program and manages all coaches involved.

All ATA Mini’s participants receive coaching from Theo and our ATA national players (are most advanced players within the academy).


Each coach has undergone specific training in Tennis Hot Shots and is familiar with the ATA standard.

Bookings & Enrolment

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Red Ball:

Sunday 9am (30min duration)

$220 per 8 week term

Orange Ball:

Sunday 9:30am (45min duration)

Sunday 10:15am (45min duration)

$230 per 8 week term