High End Programs and Squads for the goal-orientated athlete.

Level 1

ATA Next Gen

1 Hour Green Ball Program.
Tuesday and Thursday 4:00 – 5:00pm

Commitment: Twice per week

Pre-requisites: JDS events – 8U and 10U. Saturday Morning Tennis Competition.

Costs: $400 per 8 week term
(Price Inclusive – 2 sessions per week)

Level 2

ATA Advanced

1 Hour Yellow Ball Program.
Monday and Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm

Commitment: Twice per week

Pre-requisites: Friday Night Tennis, Junior Tour Events and or 11U, 13U JDS events.

Costs: $400 per 8 week term 
(Price Inclusive – 2 sessions per week)

Level 3

ATA Junior Tour Elite

2 Hour Squad
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 5:00-7:00pm

Commitment: Training and playing a minimum 4 – 5 times per week

Costs: $390 per 8 week term

Level 4

ATA Day Time Elite Squad

2 Hour Day Time Squad
Monday to Friday 2:00-4:00pm

Commitment: Playing over 15 tournaments per year or back on break from U.S college system.

Pre-requisites: Competing in National championships, AMT’s and or ITF events.

Costs: $390 per 8 week term or $50 casual.




Payments And Refunds Policy

Full payment is required by the start of the new term. If the terms of the account exceed 7 days from the Invoice Payment Due Date your place in the program may be lost. No refunds will be given for non-attendance. A refund or credit may be offered if you have a valid medical reason.

Method of Payment

Payments must be made by Direct Debit (details on the invoice), cheque made payable to “Matthew Teivans” or cash.

Late Payments

If payment is not made on time or an arrangement has not been made by contacting Adelaide Tennis Academy beforehand, your child may be removed from the class list.

Privacy Policy

Adelaide Tennis Academy will only store information relevant for coaching and billing purposes and this information is only accessible by the Director. Private information will never be shared with a third party or advertising agency.

Weather Policy

Excessive heat/wet weather: Lessons may be cancelled if the temperature at the venue is, in our judgment, likely to be excessively hot or too wet during the lesson time. Athletes will receive a make up lesson on weekends or in the holidays. Because we run to a specific 8 week course we feel it is better to make up the session and achieve the session outcomes rather than just putting together a makeshift/on the spot lesson due to weather.

Missed Class/Absent Policy

Make up lessons are permitted under the following conditions only: Absences must be communicated to Adelaide Tennis Academy 24 hours prior to the lesson. Courtesy make up lessons are offered by Adelaide Tennis Academy during the school term at Collingrove Tennis Club by appointment only and if class size permits. If the child does not attend the offered make up lessons, lessons will be lost. Make up lessons are not transferable to other terms or participants. Public Holidays/Long Weekends Policy There will be no coaching offered on public holidays. In the event of a public holiday, a make up lesson will be scheduled.

Injury Policy

Adelaide Tennis Academy will act according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. Adelaide Tennis Academy are not liable for injury or illness and subsequent costs incurred while undertaking a program or event.

Images and Video Policy

Photographs and video may be taken and used in promotions by Adelaide Tennis Academy on social media, marketing material and on the website.