“College Tennis is the goal, Pro Tennis is the Dream”

College Tennis is now the pathway to a consistently higher level of tennis that we cannot offer in Adelaide.

As players move through the competive pathway and start nearing the completion of highschool, the opportunities are scarce and year round travel is required to continue chasing those ‘opportunities’.

The logical choice for local Australian athletes is to ‘relocate’ for 4 years and base yourself at a U.S college on a tennis scholarship.

Depending on the scale of scholarship and size of the university you will most likely experience 2-3 coaches, A strength and conditioning coach, 8-10 team mates and practice partners, world class facilities, alumni to hit and train with, rehab and maintenance, trainers, restrings as well as tournaments and travel accounted for by the college.

You will also be working towards a bachelor degree as part of your school and study requirements. This will take 4 years to complete, if you are a full time student athlete, and coincides with youre expectations and eligibility of 4 years of tennis for the University.

Our mission is to promote the College Tennis Pathway and then guide our students to graduate from our program and move into the College Tennis System.

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Keeping kids in the sport and subsequently enjoying the game is our challenge as coaches and leaders. Using Tennis to create part time work is a great way for young student athletes to give back to their club, find a hobby that can be their ‘job’ and keep that tennis passion alive by seeing the sport through a different viewpoint.

We do this through our own Hot Shots program called ATA Minis 👇

ATA Mini’s is ‘where the journey begins’ for all junior athletes aged 4-8 hoping one day to join the rest of our elite programs.
The coaching model is based on a carefully planned curriculum by the ATA team, running on a ‘3 coaches 2 courts’ philosophy.
The ATA Mini’s participants receive coaching from our ATA national players who our are most advanced players within the Academy. They are accompanied by a senior supervisor who will court walk and lead the way on coaching children.

This component of the pathway paves the way for students to take on their first part time job but also encourages a connection between the Academies most advanced players and the next generation of young talent coming through.


We work with Collingrove Tennis Club to create a really strong club culture that offers players the highest level of competition.

It’s important that players can compete and get regular high level match play opportunities on a weekly basis against a variety of competition.

The club aspect serves as an important connecting element between our Academy and the players. Its outstanding when our players form team mates and friends that will essentially last a life time.

Healthy competition, friendship and tennis remain at the centre of our clubs philosophy and underpin how great our sport is.

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We need to provide the opportunity to compete at the highest level and to ensure we impart our knowledge on state, National and International opportunities the sport presents.

Competing at tournament level ensures we keep can benchmark ourselves against the best out there. This benchmarking allows us to

Work Hard – Have Fun – High Standards